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Please complete the rapid reasoning and fluent in five questions. Remember to spend no longer than 5 minutes on each activity.

Today we are learning to find the perimeter and area. Please work through the PowerPoint before trying the activity and the challenge. 



Work through some of the SATs style GPS questions. Check that you are answering each question correctly. 



We are currently learning about artists from around the world- today focusing on Joaquin Torres Garcia. 


Work through the PowerPoint before attempting a piece of art using his symbols technique. 

Can you answer the riddles that children in Welbeck have written?


Who am I?

People call me odd,

I believe there is good in everyone,

I am brave and intelligent,

I long to adventure,

I learned to love before the last petal fell.

Who am I?



Who am I?

I am fostered and I have a great imagination,

I want to see my mum but I can't,

I have black curly hair and in the book world I'm famous,

My name starts with T and I don't cry, it's just hay fever.

Who am I?



Who am I?

People used to fear me,

I cursed a child,

My raven can shape shift,

My cape is black as night,

They call me the mistress of evil,

Who am I ?



Who am I? 

I am very curious 

I have blonde hair

I meet a lot of strange characters

I eat and I drink and it changes me

Royalty hate me

Who am I?



Who am I?

I have magical powers 

After my parents passed away I became queen

Me and my sister got separated 

I have long blond hair which I keep in a plat most of the time 

I love snow and ice 

Who am I?



Who am I ?

I have lots of helpers 

I wear a fluffy coat 

My father owns a factory

I beg my father for everything 

I won a golden ticket for the chocolate factory

I am spoilt

Who am I?


Acorn Theatre


Remember to continue to practise your lines and the songs for the show!