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Rule: Words with the soft c spelt /ce/


- cemetery

- certificate

- celebrate

- necessary

- deceased

- December

- sacrifice

- hindrance

- nuisance

- prejudice


Practise spelling these words ready for our spelling test on Friday.



Today we are going to be exploring the four types of sentence- statement, question, command and exclamation. Follow the link below and watch the video on Oak Academy before completing the task. 



Starter- For our starter activity today we are going to be focusing on answering long multiplication questions. A video explaining this method is on the class podcasting site if you need a reminder.

Main Activity- Today we are going to continue with some work that we started the other week when we compared fractions to decimals and percentages. Use the PowerPoint to help you complete the task.



Today we are going to continue with our learning of newspaper reports. Towards the end of this week you will be writing a newspaper report based on a Victorian event. Our main activity today is to understand the difference between direct and indirect speech. In your newspaper report you will be expected to include different types of speech and be able to correctly punctuate them.


Use the BBC bitesize website as a guide to understanding the difference between direct and indirect speech. Work through the information before completing the activities at the bottom of the page.


Once you have completed the work on BBC bitesize try the activity below. 


The Beast of Buckingham Palace- Chapter 3- Faceless fiends


We are continuing our work on the topic of Salvation today and thinking about who was responsible for Jesus' death. Look at the PowerPoint to see your task. 


Today we are going to plan a blog post which we will write next week. Your blog post could be about a place you have travelled to, about a topic you have studied or are studying, or about a personal interest or talent. Watch the video below to see how to plan your blog post and then log onto Purplemash and see your 2dos to find your work. 

Blog Post Plan.wmv

Still image for this video