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Today, we are going to be revisiting our learning on Amelia Earhart to track her flight path from when she attempted to circumnavigate the globe. Use the flight information log in the document below and also the world map to plot the countries Amelia visited on Worksheet 1C. Do you know anything about the countries you are locating? 


You need to go back to your biography plan from Monday's lesson and have a look at the key information you planned on finding out about. Today's lesson is researching this key information so that you are ready to write up your biography tomorrow. Make sure you have plenty of information - quotes, key event dates, childhood information, key achievements and why your chosen person is famous or why you are writing about them. Be sure to keep your facts in chronological order to make it easier to follow tomorrow! 


Today in Science we are finding out about fingerprints. The ability to understand fingerprints and the invention of this technology has made a huge difference in criminal investigations and identifying those responsible! Do you know what forensic science is? Have a look at the CSI PowerPoint to familiarise yourself with the job that these scientists do. 


Then, use the worksheet to complete the investigation by taking your own fingerprints if you have a washable inkpad available. Use the fingerprints PowerPoint to see the pattern that your fingerprints have!