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Today we learnt more about different Christmas traditional foods from around the world. We talked about the ingredients and also compared them to foods we already knew about. We learnt more about Stollen from Germany, Bebinca from India and our traditional mince pies to name a few! 

Following on from our last lesson where we learnt about different traditional Christmas food, this week we have been making our own gingerbread. We realised that we had learnt so many things during this - food hygiene, food handling and preparation, how to work as a team, taking turns, cutting, shaping, rolling, measuring ingredients and heating ingredients! We had to leave the gingerbread to cool before baking it in the oven for around 10 minutes. We cut the gingerbread into shapes so that we can decorate them next week. 

We have finally been able to decorate our gingerbread squares and again managed to cover lots of different skills. We cut shapes, rolled icing, mixed icing sugar and piped icing too! We attached jelly tots to our gingerbread using the icing sugar as the glue. Then, we worked in groups to construct different shapes using the squares and came up with some mini houses. Have a look at some more photos below.