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Have a look at the below video on lines of symmetry. We have covered this topic before, but this is a good chance to recap and cement our understanding. Then, have a go at the lines of symmetry worksheet. If you need further work on this, try the second sheet (completing a symmetrical figure) and see how you get on smiley



Today's task is to research specific information for your own non-chronological report. Think about the Olympic sport or athlete you want your report to centre around. What information do you need to find out? What key information do you want to include? You could use the mind map below to help you plan your report. 


Then, write five key questions that you would like to find the answers to using the internet or books. Once you have done this, try to find the answers to your questions. Remember to be specific!


Today is to plan and research your report - don't write it yet! 



We are having a second look at subordinate clauses this lesson as I know it is a tricky topic. Use the PowerPoint to remind yourself of the concept and then have a go at the worksheet smiley



In RE today we are focusing on the story of the Good Samaritan. Can you remember how the story goes? Can you think of any modern day Good Samaritans? It may be someone helping a homeless person or someone who works for the NHS. 


Your task is to create a poster detailing the characteristics of a Good Samaritan and identifying some examples that exist today.