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Nature pirates!

This week we have been really busy creating lots of fantastic pieces of art using a range of natural and man-made materials. We have been making 'bark boats' as part of our science (floating and sinking, materials) and D.T work. As part of our art work, we have been creating 'mud face pirates' that we have moulded onto the trees in our Eco-garden. We have also worked together as a team to create a beautiful weaving with an under the sea theme. We will be hanging this in our Eco-garden once we have finished it. Take a look at some of the work we have created so far.
Creating the bark boats.
Wonderful weavers
Making mud paint with natural paintbrushes
Testing the bark boats - Did it float?
What a lovely beard!
Look at the arms on this pirate.
I love the earrings on this pirate.