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Rule: Words with the soft c spelt /ce/


- cemetery

- certificate

- celebrate

- necessary

- deceased

- December

- sacrifice

- hindrance

- nuisance

- prejudice


Practise spelling these words ready for our spelling test on Friday.



Today we are going to be exploring prepositions. Watch the video below before completing the task. 



Starter- Today, I would like you to recap on long division. I have included a video below explaining the method if you need a reminder of the steps. 

Main Activity- Today we are going to continue learning to compare and order fractions, decimals and percentages. Use the PowerPoint from yesterday to refresh your memory.

The Beast of Buckingham Palace- Chapter 4- A lost soul



Today, I would like you to start to plan a newspaper report that you will be writing tomorrow. Your newspaper report must be based around the Victorian era but what you choose to write about is your choice. Some ideas are:

- Reporting about the workhouses and the conditions

- Reporting an event that Queen Victorian attended

- Reporting about a new invention

- Reporting about a crime that has been committed and what punishment might be received

- Reporting about the schools

- Reporting about the living conditions. 


Today you are only planning your idea. Use the template to help you.



Today, the famous Victorian scientist that we are going to learn about is Michael Faraday.

- Have you heard of his name before?

- What do you think he is well known for?


Use the PowerPoint and websites below to discover why Michael Faraday became a famous scientist/inventor. 


Activity 1: Answer the following questions:

1. Michael Faraday created a generator for electricity. What skills do you think he needed to do this?

2. What importance would his discovery have had in the Victorian era?

3. How would his invention make a difference in the Victorian era?

4. Do we still use his invention now? If yes, what for?

5. Has his invention been adapted in any way?


Activity 2: Write a diary entry from the perspective of Michael Faraday. How did his life change after his invention?





Read the text carefully before answering the questions. Remember to write in full sentences and find evidence in the text to support your answers.