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Starter- Mental arithmetic- Remember we practise our mental arithmetic every day as it is important that we develop our skills and the speed in which we work out each question. Work through the mental arithmetic questions, giving yourself 10 minutes. How many can you do? How many are correct?


Main Activity- BODMAS- We have covered BODMAS this half term so hopefully this will be a recap for you. Remember:


O- Other- could be fractions

D- Division

M- Multiplication

A- Addition

S- Subtraction


Have a look at the worksheet- can you figure out the secret message?



Yesterday you drew a picture of the North Pole and started to describe what you would see if you visited. Lots of you created very detailed drawings of Santa's workshop and thought about the animals that you would see. Today, I would like you to continue with your description. Think about:

- What can you hear?

- What can you smell?

- What would you eat?


Remember to include a range of adjectives, similes and expanded noun phrases. I am looking forward to reading your descriptions. 

Christmas Art


Today we were going to be creating our Christmas cards. I have attached pictures of what I wanted you to create. We were going to use paint but you can use whatever you have at home. You may choose to make a collage out of recycled materials, pastels or crayons. Choose a picture and create your Christmas card design. Maybe you could make it into a card and send it to someone special.