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Morning Task


Please have a go at todays arithmetic task. You may take as long as you need on the questions.



This week in maths, we are going to recap our learning from Autumn term 1 and 2.


Today, we will be focusing on column addition and column subtraction. Please watch the video's to help you remember the methods. After that, you may choose which questions the would like to complete between Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze being the easiest and Gold the hardest. Try and encourage your child to have a go at either Silver or Gold to ensure they are being challenged.



Our topic for this half term is: Our Wonderful World.


For our English lessons, we will be focusing on the story Pandora's Box. Pandora's Box is a Greek myth. Have you ever heard of Pandora's Box? Today, we will be predicting what Pandora's Box is about. Please have a look at the different photos. Use the photos to help you predict what might happen in the story. Think about who is in the pictures? What do the pictures look like? What does the box look like? What might Pandora be like?


For your predictions, you will need to explain your predictions using the evidence from the photo's. For example: I predict that there might be pretty, delicate jewellery in the box because it looks like a unqiue, golden treasure chest.


Please write 3 predictions. Try to include adjectives and conjunctions to make your predictions even better!



For our computing topic this half term, we will be learning all about touch typing. Therefore, for our task, we will be using Purple Mash. If you have forgotten your login, please email me and I will resend it to you.


Today, we will be learning how to use the home, top and bottom row of the keyboard. This is to help you develop your typing skills. Look at the pictures to identify which row is which. 


Please have a go at the different activities on Purple Mash. There are quite a few activities but they only take 2 minutes each. 




For your EGPS task today, it is continuing on from yesterday. Please have another look through the preposition PowerPoint and have a go at the worksheet.