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Thursday 7th January



Remember to continue to practise your spellings. This weeks spellings are:


- siege

- niece

- grief

- chief

- fiend

- shriek

- believe

- achieve

- convenience

- mischievous 


Can you write each word in a sentence? 



Starter- Hopefully you will be following these activities well and are starting to feel more confident with how to use a range of punctuation. Today you are going to be developing your dictionary skills. Use the link below to to learn about the giant Pacific octopus. Use the video to learn about the octopus and then complete 'the grammar bit' and 'whiteboard challenges'. If you want to continue to develop your skills and challenge yourself try the 'writing ideas'. 

Main Activity- Before Christmas we looked at colons and semi-colons. We need to continue to learn how to embed these in our writing. 


Quick recap-


Colons- Can be used to end an independent clause. They can also be used to introduce a list. 


Semi-colons- Can be used to link two closely related sentences together. They can also be used to separate items in a list. 


Use the PowerPoint to look at how we can embed the punctuation with different sentence examples. Then I would like you to complete the following activities:

Activity 1- Complete the worksheet demonstrating when and where to add the colons and semi- colons. 


Activity 2- Write two short paragraphs demonstrating the different uses of colons and semi-colons. 



Starter- Today we are going to start with our times tables test. Remember you have 5 minutes to try and answer as many questions as you can. If you are unsure of any questions move on and you might have time to come back to it at the end. 

Main Activity- Today we are recapping on parts of a circle- we spent a lesson on this in September but can you remember what the following are:

- circumference

- diameter

- radius


Use the PowerPoint to recap on what each of the key words mean. 


- Can you identify the relationship between the diameter and radius?


Once you have recapped try the activity below. I have also added a challenge activity for you to try. 


The following video may also be useful:



We are going to be starting our new topic 'The Victorians'. Over the next couple of weeks you are going to take part in a range of topic lessons that I am sure you will love. We are going to cover a wide range of things including Victorian schools, toys, the workhouses, crime and punishment and the lives of children. 


Today we are going to focus on the British empire.

- What do you think the word empire means?


Look at the following video for the introduction of Queen Victoria.


During the Victorian period Britain was the greatest empire in the world. Use the following website to look at which countries were part of the empire and the reasons for this.


Activity- Create a poster or PowerPoint displaying information about the British empire during the Victorian era.