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Today, I would like you to plan your non-chronological report. Think about at least three subheadings you would like to include and plan to include key pieces of information relevant to each one. What will your subheadings be? How will you introduce or conclude your report? Will you include an image? What of? 


Remember, the task today is to plan the report, not write it! 



Please spend some time on Purple Mash having a look at all of the activities that are outstanding on there. Then, if you have time, visit Times Tables Rockstars and practise your times tables! 



This lesson, we are using ICT to research the specific features of a country. Choose a country that participates in the Olympic Games and use the below template to find out the relevant information. Can you make any comparisons between your country and the UK? How are they similar or different? 

Reading Comprehension


Have a look at this reading comprehension assessment. Have a go at it - there is no time limit! I have also attached the answers so you can see how you got on smiley