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For maths, we are going to be focusing on sharing again and using the division symbol. I would like you to follow the instructions on the page and watch the videos. Then, you have a times table rockstar activity sheet to complete (see attached). Then, complete the karate cats game.


Here is the link for the videos and instructions


In Science, we are going to look at microhabitats. What is a habitat? What is a microhabitat? Look at the Power Point and complete the activities.  This video helps understanding for Microhabitats.


For E.G.P.S today, we are going to be focusing on expanded noun phrases. Talk with a grown up, can you remember what a noun is? Have a look at the video underneath if you are unsure. An expanded noun phrase is where you are using adjectives to describe the noun. For example 'the beautiful flowers'. Have a look at the videos below, complete the PowerPoint and then write an expanded noun phrase for each of the cards. - expanded noun phrase video - what is a noun


We are going to be linking in our learning in E.G.P.S with our Literacy today. We are going to be using expanded noun phrases to describe under the sea. First of all, I would like you to create a mind map of all the adjectives that you can think of to describe the oceans. For example 'blue, bright, beautiful' etc. Writing these will help you form your expanded noun phrases. I would like you to really describe the picture and look at the intricate details. I would like you to write at least 5 expanded noun phrases on the sheet underneath the picture.