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This week we are beginning a new topic of fractions - yay! This is something we haven't covered in Thoresby Class so please do let me know if you need any extra support, work or guidance. 


We will begin with looking at what a fraction actually is, and ensuring we are able to identify fractions of a quantity. To help you, have a look at the video from White Rose Maths on this (don't worry - I will be popping up later in the week!)


Once you have viewed the video, try the worksheet I have uploaded. The answers are also there so you can check your work.


As this is a new topic, it is really important you let me know how you are finding it. I would love to hear your thoughts - even if you are finding it easy! 



It is time for Chapter 12 - I have uploaded the links to the videos below. Please note that there are two videos for this chapter - it was super long! Thank you again to the wonderful Mrs Dilks for reading this for us. 


Think back to the newspaper report you planned last week. Have you got relevant information in there? Now, think about how you could make your report sound more dramatic based on your language choices. Here is where we are going to need synonyms to make our writing sound more exciting! You could use a thesaurus if you have one to give you some ideas. Perhaps, instead of writing "Charlie was happy to win the last ticket" you could change it to "Charlie was absolutely over the moon to win the final Golden Ticket - he just couldn't believe his luck!" Here we can see the impact of different vocabulary to make the situation sound more exciting, which is what we want for a newspaper article so that we sell more papers! 


If you need to go back to the example article last week to help you, please do so. I am so excited to read your reports! Remember, you are writing about a ticket being found - the character it centres around and the information you include is completely up to you smiley



This week's PHSE lesson will be focusing on the environment. Have a look at the PowerPoint and make a list of all of the ways humans can impact on the environment. Can you think of a way you could help the environment whilst you are learning at home? How could we reduce our negative impact?


Make either a list or an action plan of what you could do to help. Maybe think about some short term ideas that you could do straight away, and then more long term plans that may take a little longer to implement. 


Please send your ideas to - if we all do a little bit we could make a really big impact! 



Let's continue our learning on the Aztecs today! We are going to be studying how the Aztecs used their number system and how it is different to ours today. 


Use the PowerPoint to try and identify different Aztec numbers. This is really tricky, so if you are struggling with it, please don't worry. Just identify any numbers you can! Have a think about how their system is different to ours. Do you think it is easier or more difficult? Why? 


As always, let me know smiley