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Thoresby Class

We practised drawing rainforest animals and thought about proportion and alignment - super results!

Take a look at some of our amazing carnival artwork!

This half term's planning.

We have been learning about play scripts all week and today we made royal puppets to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee! We wrote our own plays too and performed them using the puppet theatre.

Geography Field Visit

Today we were lucky enough to be able to explore the local village of Shireoaks, discussing how land is used and how this has changed over time. We used compasses to be able to locate the direction of travel and we also studied maps of the area so that we could see our route. We also created sketch maps of what we could see in each direction. We were able to see a range of both human and physical features and we had a great time walking in the sunshine! Have a look at our photos below. 

We consolidated our learning on time by completing a problem solving investigation outside in the playground!

We had such a great day at Eden Camp exploring all of the huts and having brilliant discussions about different aspects of our learning. Have a look at the photos below!

We made our own musical instruments in Science and made sure we could adjust the pitch and volume on them.

Investigating the value of a half using Cuisenaire rods

Thank you to everyone who sponsored us for the Comic Relief Mile! We also learnt about what Comic Relief does and how to develop resilience.

World Book Day 2022 -- our amazing costumes and favourite books!

Making our own toothpastes in Science!

We applied our knowledge of decimals by measuring the heights of everyone in the class and then we ordered them in ascending order!

Sketching World War Two Planes

Understanding the functions of the skeleton!

For Safer Internet Day we spent time looking at the age rating of games and what these meant. We also discussed a scenario and possible consequences of different actions and then made our own gaming characters or fortune tellers relating to being safe online.

Today's music lesson - playing 'We'll Meet Again' by Dame Vera Lynn on the xylophone.

Around the World Day


The children in Thoresby Class chose to learn about Japan for Around the World Day. We have had such a good time! We spent the first part of the morning writing haikus and tankas, which are forms of Japanese poetry. We then learnt the numbers 1-10 in Japanese and children created their own ways to remember these in their small groups. We looked at a letter from a Japanese schoolboy and wrote letters back to tell him about our culture here and how things are different. We then tried a range of Japanese food! We sampled sticky rice, Japanese rice crackers and mochi sweets - a mixed bag of tastes! Finally we created Japanese Noh masks using a range of different colours and patterns. 


Have a look at our photos below.

Experimenting with circuits!

We have studied circuits and the components that make up these circuits, identifying and drawing the scientific symbols for each component. We then drew a full open circuit and a closed circuit and have a good understanding of how a circuit works. Today, we have been experimenting with circuits and children made their own - all of which were (eventually!) successful in either lighting the bulb or moving the motor. We also then added in different materials to see if they were conductors or insulators. 



The children had such a great time designing and creating their digeridoos and a huge thank you to the grown ups for providing so many amazing materials for them to use. We followed the TASC wheel and generated a range of ideas before deciding which to create. The children then chose the materials they would need and designed what their digeridoo would look like. Following this, they created their digeridoos and we then shared them with the rest of the class and tested them - some of them worked! There are some photos below smiley

The weather didn't stop us enjoying Drumba!

Here are our Australian indigenous art pieces, which are made from felt. We created symbols for objects and each of these pictures tells its own unique story. Well done, Thoresby Class!

The Canal and River Trust


Thank you so much to Claire from the Canal and River Trust who has given us a talk today about water safety. She explained the dangers that can be faced when near water and we discussed how to keep safe around it. She also suggested ways children could help if they see someone in danger in the water. The class learnt a lot from this talk and engaged in conversation so well, answering all of Claire's questions sensibly. I was so proud of them all. A special mention to Oliver for showing Claire his floating technique - she was extremely impressed! Well done, Thoresby Class smiley

In our ICT lesson today we used ThinkuKnow to learn more about being safe online.



In PE, the children worked in small groups to create their own activity. They worked together and had hoops, cones and a ball as the resources available. They created their own activity and then each group taught it to the rest of the class. This meant that each child got to lead their own task but could also join in with a range of other activities too. There are some pictures below! 



We will be taking part in Drumba again this year, which is an energetic mix of drumming and Zumba! Our session is on Tuesday afternoons and will take place from Tuesday 7th September until October half term. Children will need to come to school in their PE kits and comfortable shoes each Tuesday for the first half term so that they can join in with Drumba. This does mean that children should attend school in their PE kits on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


If there are any problems, please let me know.

Miss Phillipson 

Dear Children and Parents,

Welcome back to the new academic year. I am really looking forward to seeing you all and getting to know you better throughout the year. Thoresby Class has moved into the back classroom (formerly Sherwood Class) and is ready for you to come and make plenty of memories in it! 

Our first topic will be 'Down Under' where we will be exploring the discovery of Australia, creating Australian aboriginal art work and learning about the Australian culture, amongst many other interesting things. 


Topics throughout the rest of the year will be; Ocean Explorers, World War Two, Achievers and Inventors, World Cup Fever and Carnival Chaos. Throughout each of these topics there are some wonderful tasks planned and lots of new information to learn. 

We will have PE every Monday and Thursday afternoon (weather permitting!) and these sessions will be with me. These will start from week commencing 6th September. You should come to school wearing your PE kit on both days and, as before, you will remain in this all day - there is no need to bring your uniform too. 


I am happy for children to bring in their own pencil cases, however children will need to be aware of and responsible for their own items of stationary. We will have everything they need for lessons, so the use of a personal pencil case is entirely optional. We also have a cloakroom area outside the classroom where children can hang up their coats, but I would suggest you only bring what you need for the day to minimise the amount of personal items we have in class. I would also ask that children do not bring in toys or personal items - if you would like to discuss this with me for any reason I will always be available in the playground for a chat. 


Reading Books

Reading will continue in the same way as last year. Children will be given a book and will be expected to read at least three times in a week. If your child is on a higher book band and therefore is receiving longer books, please keep it until the book has been completely finished. It is extremely important that children finish books so that they can discuss the structure of the story and practise their summarising skills. Books will normally be changed on a Monday, however if you have not finished your book by Monday, please bring it in once it is finished and I can get it changed for you. The reading log will need to be filled in each week by grown ups to confirm that children have read three times that week. This log also provides an opportunity for you to share how your child has found the book through a series of questions and a comment box. 



Homework will be available on the class webpage on a Thursday and the hand in date will be the following Wednesday. Homework will be based on work that the children have been doing in class. This could be through a task on Purple Mash or work that can be done on paper and then photographed and emailed to


I am really looking forward to being out on the playground and having discussions to get to know the children and grown ups. If you have any worries or concerns and would like to talk to me about them we can chat outside before or after school or you can email me directly on the above email address. We can also arrange longer meetings after school if necessary. Children may be feeling apprehensive about this new year, but rest assured that I will do all I can to make them feel happy and comfortable within Thoresby Class and will maintain communication with parents as best I can. 


I hope that your questions have been answered, but if you have anything else you would like to check, please feel free to email. 


See you all on Thursday smiley


Miss Phillipson