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A New School Year

Our new school year is almost underway and we have got lots of exciting activities coming up in The Sunshine Suite.


Our home grown vegetables were very successful last term so we will continue with our planting over the next few weeks.  There are plenty of vegetables that can be grown through the autumn and winter so get your green fingers ready.


Our main topic for this half term will be based on the Medieval Period and in particular looking at castles. We will explore what type of castles were built and what they were used for. Who do you think lived in the castle and what sort of clothes did they wear? I wonder what types of food they ate during medieval times. Maybe we can find out and have our own medieval banquet fit for Lords, Ladies, knights and princesses. Did you know that we have some castles very close to us? I think it would be great to go and visit one of these and find out some more local history facts. Take a look at the link below to find out where they are.