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Fridays are the day we do our spelling tests. You can either follow the video below or ask a grown-up at home to test you on your spellings. Let me know how you get on!





Starter: Complete the mental arithmetic questions. Remember to set yourself a timer of 10 minutes to try and complete as many questions as you can.

Main- This week we have been learning about 3D shapes and their properties. Today, I would like you to combine your knowledge from this last week to answer the following questions. Remember you can look back over at the PowerPoints if needed. 

English- Big Write


Use the picture below to write a story. You can choose what genre of story you would like to write. 


Mental Health Week


Today, I would like you to create something that you can use when you are worried. Choose one of the ideas below:


Dream catcher- to help catch the bad dreams-


Cool down jar- to help you relax-


Comfort Box- Use an old shoe box and decorate it how you wish. Inside the box add things that help you relax or feel comforted e.g. your favourite pajamas, a teddy bear and a colouring book. 


If you are struggling for materials try not to worry. You can either create a mindfulness drawing or complete some mindfulness colouring from the link below. 



Music can make us feel some sort of emotion. When we listen to some music we might feel happy because we like the song and want to sing along with it. We sometimes listen to music that makes us feel sad because it reminds us of someone or unhappiness because we don't like that variety of music.

- What is your favourite piece of music?

- Who do you enjoy listening to and why?

- Who don't you enjoy listening to? Why?

- What instruments can you hear in your favourite song?



Today you are going to continue on the 'Classics for Kids' website. Use the following link to learn the names of the different notes. Next week you will be composing your own piece of music.