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Today, we will be completing guided reading sessions. Therefore, please take this opportunity to do some of your own reading. Can you explain and summarise what you have read to a grown up? What language features do you notice in your book - are there any adjectives, adverbs, speech? Can you predict what might happen next? If you are reading a fiction book, can you find a part of the story where you can discuss how a character may be feeling and what evidence you have from the text that supports this? If you have a non-fiction book, try to identify the glossary and contents page and think about the purpose of each of these. How is your book structured? Does it use speech bubbles or short bursts of information? Why do you think the author has presented the book as they have? Don't forget you have access to Bug Club books, which is a great resource that will provide you with plenty to read and some key comprehension questions too. 


Think about life in the mountains and how your lives are similar and different. What hazards/challenges do climbers face? What would you like to ask the mountaineers?

Put yourself in the position of the climbers and think about their feelings. Then, create a list of questions you would ask - have you included the words who, what, where, when or why? How do you know which are effective? Which are open or closed questions?

The task is to write three interview questions and then respond to them as if you are Mallory or Irvine.


Please take some time to practise your times tables. You can do this in any way you choose - Times Tables Rockstars, questions, writing them all on paper! It is important to become fluent in these as it helps with so many other mathematical concepts smiley

Golden Time

Take some time to do an activity that you enjoy - as long as it is away from a screen! You could draw, colour, do a puzzle, listen to music - anything that is going to make you feel happy and relaxed.