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In Maths today, we are looking at drawing 2D shapes. Can you name some 2D shapes to a grown up? What does 2D mean and how are they different to 3D shapes? Watch this video and then complete this activity.

Golden time- optional

For Golden time, I would like you to complete the Just Dance videos, they are very fun!  - gummy bear  - waka waka  - i like to move it - let it go - under the sea


I would like you to read the first verse of the owl and the pussycat. I would like you to underline the nouns and adjectives. For the nouns I would like you to use the colour blue (or a different colour if you haven't got this) and red for the adjectives. Today you are going to make changes to the words you have highlighted, whilst retaining the original rhythm/rhyme. This is a non-sense poem, so it doesn't have to make sense! Take a look at my example below.


the rat and the elephant went to the moon

in a beautiful rocket ship

they took some cheese, and plenty of fleas

wrapped up in a bacon strip.


For Computing, we are looking at the artist Piet Mondrian. Look at the examples of his art work. What do they have in common? You have a 2do set on Purple Mash. It is a line template. This template will only allow drawing in straight lines or filling areas. Experiment with the colours. Now create your own picture in the style of Mondrian. Remember to save and hand in your work. The video below shows which option to click on. 

Computing video

Still image for this video