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Starter: Please have a go at today's arithmetic questions. 

Now we have completed more Maths topics, you will start to see some different types of questions appearing.

Today we will be following on from our work on adding fractions to look at subtracting fractions. 

In today's work, the fractions will have different denominators - remember we need to use equivalent fractions to find a common denominator before we can subtract. 

Please follow the video before completing the worksheet.


Our new topic this half term is called 'Safari Park'. 

In this topic, we are going to be looking at the continent of Africa, including the landscape, the animals and how they are adapted to their environment as well as some of the history of Africa and the people who live there. 

To start off the topic, Mrs. Arnold has recorded a video to give us some information about the continent. 

As you are watching, make some notes, what did you know before? What have you learnt? What would you like to find out more about?


To go with this topic, we are going to be starting a new class novel, The Akimbo Adventures by Alexander McCall Smith. This is three stories in one and the first is called Akimbo and the Elephants.


We will be reading this book and completing our English work based on what we are reading. 

Please follow the link for Chapter 1: Akimbo's Wish.


Today's reading comprehension is from this first chapter. Please follow the PowerPoint to see the text and questions.


This week we are going to have a reminder about different types of conjunction. 

Please follow the link to the lesson then complete the task sheet.


Please have a look at this week's spellings. Use the activities to help you learn and practise these ready for Friday.


This half term, we will be learning about the Easter story. Please watch the video on the link below to remind yourself of the story.

 Your task is to either create a PowerPoint of the story or a storyboard retelling the story. A worksheet is below if you wish to create a storyboard. 

Challenge: Can you explain why the story is important to Christians?


In computing we are going to start looking at Spreadsheets and the things we can do with them. 

I know we have looked a little bit at Microsoft Excel in Year 4, so I would like to see what you can remember. 

Have a look at the screen shot below and see if you can answer the questions.

1. In which cell is the word 'orange' entered? 

2. What number is entered into cell H5? 

3. What is the title for this spreadsheet? 

4. What are the three sub-titles?

5. How could we work out the total number of fruit items using the spreadsheet? 

6. What type of graph might we produce to show this information? 

7. How could we add more sections to this spreadsheet? 

8. How could we work out the total number of stock items using the spreadsheet?