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Busy Bee's in the Eco-Garden!

Take a look at the wonderful work we have done in the eco-garden today. We have been planting our tomatoes and peas. We have also planted all of our bedding plants and made a flower garden. Once again, fabulous team work from the children in Creswell class. 
Picture 1 Another enormous weed pulled out.
Picture 2 Huge weed!
Picture 3 We will clear all of these big weeds.
Picture 4 Look what has appeared! Exciting!
Picture 5 Great planting!
Picture 6 Making sure the plants get plenty of water.
Picture 7 Look at our wonderful wig-wams that we made.
Picture 8 Giving the tiny plants some water.
Picture 9 Tomatoes and peas have been planted.
Picture 10 Carefully placing the tiny plants into the soil.
Picture 11 All the bedding plants are now in.