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We have been learning what materials are made of in Science and thinking about why materials are used for specific things. Why are castles now made of stone? We thought about how stone is strong and will last in rainy weather too. We looked around the classroom for items that were made from paper, brick, plastic, metal, wood and glass and thought about why these materials had been chosen. We used the words 'transparent' and 'opaque' to describe the properties of each material and thought about which one we used most in the classroom. 


We have then been describing materials and their properties and tried to group them together! 

We have learnt what materials are made of and we have grouped them together based on their properties. We have also been discussing the properties of materials using vocabulary such as 'hard', 'strong', 'transparent' and 'smooth'. 


This week, we completed an experiment which tested the absorbency of materials. We studied sponge, foil, cling film and paper and tested whether they were good at absorbing water or not. We found out that the most absorbent material was sponge! We thought about why this was important based on what sponges are used for in everyday life smiley