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'Meet a Creature' - Reading Rangers Reward


The children in Clumber Class really enjoyed working with Dean from 'Meet a Creature' yesterday afternoon. We were able to observe a range of animals as well as holding snakes, a chinchilla, some bearded dragons and even a tarantula! The children were well behaved and Dean commented on what a pleasure they were to work with.

Train Time Team Challenge!

Romulus and Remus

Quick Maths!

Road Safety Afternoon!

Roman Day!

In Art this week we began to plan our Pop Art block prints. We drew upon our initial ideas for inspiration and experimented with different colours to create bold, contrasting designs. Clumber Class created lots of excellent designs which can be found below.
As part of our work on "The Bear and the Piano" we investigated Bear's feelings at different parts of the story by drawing inferences from the author's choice of vocabulary and the illustrations featured in the book.
In History this week we have been investigating Bronze Age artefacts! The children used their detective skills and their developing understanding of prehistoric Britain to make predictions about what each artefact may have been used for.

To support our instructional writing in English the children in Clumber Class have been making minion buns. The children worked hard to follow the verbal instructions they were given and they made notes on the imperative verbs and adverbs which could be used in their own writing.


The children enjoyed making (and eating!) the buns and Miss Halpin and I look forward to seeing the instructional writing they produce.

This week in Science we have been investigating the life processes of living organisms. To develop our understanding we worked in small groups to discuss each process, examples of each process in action and why each process is essential.


Can you name the seven life processes of a living organism? Use MRS NERG to help you!

Word Problem Partner Work!


In today's Maths lesson the children worked in pairs to explore and solve addition and subtraction word problems. Miss Halpin and I were very impressed with Clumber Class as all the children worked hard to identify key parts of the questions and use different written methods to solve and check their answers.

Dürer's Rhinoceros!


This week in Art we have been investigating Dürer's Rhinoceros. In the lesson, children were given a picture of the print and were asked to use the clues found in the image to work out the subject matter, artist and consider why the rhinoceros looks different to the one we are familiar with.



Head to Head! 


Today we played a thrilling game of Head to Head in Maths! During the game we had to use our column addition skills to solve a range of challenging problems quickly and accurately. Clumber Class found the game really helpful in developing their mental maths skills.

Raising Money for Macmillan! 


This week in Clumber Class we have been making lots of different buns and cakes to help raise money for MacMillan. All of the children worked really hard to work as a team, measure ingredients and create lovely decorations!


Thank you for all of your hard work and thank you to all the parents/carers who donated lots of tasty treats or attended the event.

The Journey from Tall Tree to Tasty Treat! 


Today we investigated how chocolate is made by completing a collaborative sorting task. Children have worked really well with their peers, and were intrigued that cocao (chocolate) comes from a plant! 


Here are some photos of our work.


Maths work from Clumber Class


Today in Maths we have played some matching and dice games to investigate adding and subtracting 100 from 3 digit numbers. Children have really enjoyed using a range of resources to aid their learning. We also investigated number sequences, which we as a class are excellent at!


Clumber Class



Welcome to Clumber Class


Dear Children and Parents,


Welcome to Clumber Class for the school year 2017-2018. I am Mr Guest, the class teacher for year 3. I am excited to teach you this year and look forward to getting to know you all! Miss Halpin will support us during the week and help us explore the interesting topics which we have planned.


During our first term together we will cover a range of exciting topics. Our topic for the first half term is “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Within this topic we will be writing our own stories about Charlie and his journey into the Chocolate Factory, investigating how chocolate is made and designing chocolate bar wrappers for our very own chocolate! In the second half of the term we will investigate different animals and monsters in our topic “Crazy Creatures.”


Other great topics which we will cover across the year are: “Bright Lights, Big City,” “Once Upon a Time,” “Ruthless Romans” and “The World Cup.”


In addition to our Topic work, we will explore religious concepts such as spiritual expression, festivals and celebrations and many more topics that will help develop our understanding of our world and the people who live in it. In Science we will be looking at plants, forces and magnets and examine the work of famous scientists and inventors from across history!


Our class P.E days are on Monday and Wednesday. Some of these lessons will take place outside so children should have appropriate clothing in their school P.E kit. It is recommended that children have their P.E kit in school all week.


Homework for Clumber Class will be given out on Friday and collected on Wednesday.


Children are expected to read at least three times each week. This practise plays a key role in developing children’s reading skills and fostering a love for reading. Asking your child questions about the book they have read can be a fun and exciting way to explore a story and develop your child’s understanding.


This year we will be running a class tuck shop to help raise money for additional resources for our classroom. We believe this will provide a good opportunity for our class to operate their own healthy tuck shop and involve children in all aspects of the process. A snack and a drink will cost 50p or both items can be purchased separately for 30p.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me within school and I will be more than happy to help. I look forward to working with you throughout the year.


Yours sincerely,


Mr Guest