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Week beginning 23rd November

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This links is for Maths and covers objectives that children have been learning this week

For Maths, we are looking at halving numbers. Complete the powerpoint and share the numbers equally using two circles. Practise and recap doubling numbers too. Complete the halving numbers document.


For Literacy, we are looking at newspapers. What is a newspaper? What features can you spot? Read the example of the Gingerbread man one. Look for the headline, punctuation, adjectives and other exciting newspaper features you can see.


For Phase 6 phonics, we are looking at the sound 'ge' and 'dge'. View the powerpoint and then complete the look, cover, write and check sheet afterwards.


For Science, we are looking at basic needs for humans and animals. Complete the powerpoint and then complete the sheet based on pets. If you have a pet, please write about this but if not you can think of your favourite animal and use that. 

In Maths, we are looking at adding 11 and 21 to a number. Use a hundred square and look at how you add 10. Do you go up or down the hundred square? What would happen if you added 11 on to  a number or 21? How many jumps down and across would you do? Complete the green sheet. First, roll a dice. Write this number and then you are going to add 11 or 21 on to the number (the writing above the box will say which number to add one). Then, in the number sentence box I would like you to write the number sentence, for example '21 + 11 = 32'.


For Literacy, we are continuing to look at newspaper features. Read about the spilling of the porridge. Discuss the text and ask your child to find the headline. What do you notice about it? Can they guess what the article is about?  How does the newspaper start? How about the story? Children are going to be writing headlines today. They need to be short but give key information. Children are to write headlines using the headline sheet. Please write the headline in the box underneath the picture.


For R.E, we're thinking about special places. What is a special place and what does it mean to you? Draw a picture of your special place where you go to feel calm or where you feel safe. Describe why it is special to you. 

In Maths, we are looking at subtracting 11 and 21 from a number. Use a hundred square grid to support. Do we need to go up or down if we are subtracting 10 from a number on the hundred square grid? Practise using the hundred square grid to subtract. Complete the green sheet.


In Literacy, we have been looking at headlines. Now, we are going to move on to writing an introduction for a newspaper article. Create a headline for the picture and write an introduction. Remember, that you are the news reporter. You need to say when the event happened and how it happened.


In EGPS, we are focusing on the prefix un. Create a list with a grown up of all the words you can think of with the prefix 'un'. Then, complete the un prefix sheet. You are going to be creating prefix flowers. Place un in the middle of the flower and on the petals write the root word. For example, fair.

For Maths today, we are learning all about the number bonds to 20. With a grown up, recap the numbers bonds to 20. Look at the powerpoint and then answer the questions on green sheet. Fill in the missing gaps on the stars and bar models.


For Literacy, we are going to be writing all about our own playground! I would like you to imagine that you are going to design your own playground for children to play on. What is so special about your playground? Write a persuasive advert explaining why your playground is the best!


For Computing, you are going to research facts about the Great Fire of London. Then bullet point the facts on your sheet. 



For Maths, please play the board game with a grown up. It's all about number bonds to 20 which is what we have been recapping this week. Then, complete the green sheet. In today's lesson, we are focusing on using crocodile signs. We have done this before in class, however we are adding another step to todays lesson. We are going to be adding sums and then deciding whether they are greater than or less than. For example '16 + 4 ? 20 + 6' Where the question mark is, which crocodile sign would go there?


For Science today, we are looking at healthy eating. Can you design a healthy three course meal for your family? Look through the powerpoint and discuss which foods are healthy. 


For Literacy, please continue to research facts about the Great Fire of London for your newspaper report. Remember to include when and where it happened, how people felt, who were the witnesses etc.


Please continue to practise your phonics using the phonics booklet provided on the website.