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Week beginning 5th October

Tuesday 6th October 2020


English- Yesterday we started to discuss Harvest and why we celebrate the harvest. We also thought about different foods that are harvested at Autumn time. Today, I would like you to write a poem, prayer or song about harvest. 



Please remember to email  completed work to

Wednesday 7th October


English- Write a prayer about Harvest.



Thursday 8th October


Topic- Use this website to create a factual PowerPoint.


Science- This week we have been learning about cross breeding. Choose two animals and create a new animal. What are the positives of cross breeding these animals? What are the negatives of cross breeding these animals? 

Friday 9th October 2020


English- Imagine you have started trekking through the Amazon rainforest when you get lost.  I would like you to write a story about your journey:

- what will you find along the way?

- what adventures will you go on?

- do you have to look for food?

-how do you find your way out?

-will you meet anyone along the way?


Think about the different features of a story and try to include lots of description. 

P.S.H.E- Over the last couple of weeks we have been learning about how we can keep ourselves safe. I would like you to write a song/jingle about how young children can keep themselves safe by the road.