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Today I would like you to write the first two paragraphs of your story. 

Have a look at yesterday's plan, we are going to write the introduction and build up. 

Each section of the story mountain should help you to write one paragraph. 


For your introduction, think about: 

 - Who your main character is.

 - Which animal you are going to meet.

 - The setting you are in. 

 This is the opportunity to do lot's of descriptive writing using our expanded noun phrases, sentence openers and relative clauses. 


For your build up, we need to give hints about what is to come, without giving away the problem. 

 - How do you meet the animal? 

 - What do you learn about it? 

 - What danger is it in and how do you find out? 

 - What plan do you come up with? 


Remember not to get to the main event of your story yet, we need to save this for tomorrow, I can't wait to read your work! 


Starter: Have a go at today's arithmetic questions. 

Today we are going to follow on from yesterday's learning by multiplying a fraction by an integer (whole number). Please watch the video then complete the tasks.


We are going to finish our lessons on direct speech today. Please follow the link then complete the tasks.


Today we are going to learn how to read the time in French and say whether a shop is open or closed. 

Follow the lesson and listen to the audio clips then complete the task.


Wednesday would normally be our PE day. 

Here are a selection of new links you might like to try: 

Tennis for all week 2:

Change4Life indoor activities:

Think Active A-Z Challenge Activities: