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Times Tables Rockstars


This resource is extremely helpful for children to practise their times tables at home. Whilst we will work on them at school, times tables is about repetition and therefore extra practise at home is extremely beneficial. This year, children in Year 4 will be taking part in the statutory times tables assessment in Spring, where children will be expected to answer any multiplication question up to 12 x 12 in less than 6 seconds. Children can practise times tables on TTR and if they wish to use the timed game to give themselves an idea of how the test will run, it can be accessed using 'Soundcheck' mode. 


Children will need to visit the homepage and log in as a student. Initially, you will need to find the school in order to log in. This can be done by entering the school postcode - S81 8PW. Then, log in using the details your child has. If you need a reminder of your log in details, please let me know. 

Purple Mash


Purple Mash is used in school ICT lessons as well as at home. Homework tasks will usually be set on here and they can be handed in using the 'hand in' button once completed. This then sends the piece of work back to me for marking and feedback. There are plenty of great activities on here for children to complete if they wish to do so outside of school.  

Young Minds


Young Minds are an amazing charity who focus on providing mental health support for children and young people.



This is an NHS website that can support you in making small changes to your lifestyle to ensure you remain fit and healthy and full of energy!