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Rule: Words with the soft c spelt /ce/


- cemetery

- certificate

- celebrate

- necessary

- deceased

- December

- sacrifice

- hindrance

- nuisance

- prejudice


Can you write the definition for each word?



Today we are going to continue the work that we started on modal verbs last half term. Watch the Oak Academy video and the complete the task.



Starter- Set yourself a timer of 5 minutes to try and complete as many times tables questions as you can. 

The Beast of Buckingham Palace- Chapter 6

World Book Day 2021


Below are some activities that you could complete as part of World Book Day 2021.


BBC Live Lesson-


Activity 1- Choose 3 books and write a recommendation for that book. Be sure to include:

- Some of the plot (don't give too much away though)

- Characters

- Who would enjoy it e.g. age range

- Genre of the book. 


Activity 2- Complete at least one of the activities below. 


Activity 3- Guess who? Write a description of a book character and send it to me through the class email address. Next Monday, we are going to try and guess which characters have been described.


Challenge- As it is World Book Day, can you find a book that belongs on each continent?






Last week we started learning about Crime and Punishment in Victorian Britain.


- Did anything surprise you?

- What do you think of the punishments that people were given during the Victorian era?

- Do you think they were too strict?

- Did anything surprise you?


Today, we are going to continue learning about crime and punishment. Read through the PowerPoint and then create 3 case studies of your own. I would like you to make up names of three Victorian people, write about their crime and the punishment that they have received. You may choose to create case studies similar to those seen last week.