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We have been looking at expanded noun phrases for our writing and E.G.P.S. Today we are going to be recapping what expanded noun phrases are. Have a look at the videos who describes 'Dave'. Dave is a green troll. Your task is to write expanded noun phrases for Dave. There are videos to help too which are attached. 


For Literacy, we are going to link in our learning about expanded noun phrases. What is an expanded noun phrase? I would like you to use expanded noun phrases to describe the creatures you are going to see when you go on your adventure for your diary entry. For example, 'The cute, energetic and happy dolphin'. I would like you to draw the pictures in the boxes and then describe next to it. 


For P.E, I would like you to complete the Joe Wicks video.



Today we are going to be looking at Europe. I would like you to go to this link and to watch the video all about Europe. It leads to the worksheet activities too.


For Maths, we are going to focus on grouping. This time, we are going to link in division word problems with this. In this video, you are going to be focusing on using the bar model method. This will help us work out the answers. Follow the video and then complete the worksheet.

Maths sheet