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Our Music

In March we have been listening to "Zadoc the Priest" by Handel. Inspired by that and the story in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" we have written music to be played at the marriage of Lysander, Helena, Hermia and Demetrius.

We split into groups and wrote our music. We then used the key board and audacity on the computer to turn it into a computer file so we could put it on the website. We thought up of some very unusual band names.

We hope you enjoy our music.

The Tuxes

The Nyam Cats

The Rainbow Meatball Lepricorns

The Jazzy Truckers

The Desolation of the Tweenies

The Blazekin Brotherhood

Pink Fluffy Unicorns

Magic Man and the Bunny Pompey

I Love Tellitubbies