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Collective Worship

Maths - Starter Task


In our Maths lesson, we now complete two tasks called Fluent in Five and Rapid Reasoning. Each task is timed for 5 minutes. 



In maths, I would like you to plan your own board game. It can be any board game but it needs to include maths questions. Please read the PowerPoint to help you think of your ideas. After, please complete the planning sheet ready for your lesson tomorrow.



In English, we will be writing a recipe this week to explain how we could enjoy summer.


Today, I would like you to re-read through the PowerPoint from yesterday. It explains the key features of the recipe. For example: expanded noun phrases, time conjunctions and imperative verbs. After you have read the PowerPoint, I would like you to plan your own recipe. You need to think about what expanded noun phrases, imperative verbs, time conjunctions and units of measure you could use.


I can't wait to read your plans!



In History today, we will be comparing the Ancient Olympics to the modern day Olympics. Please watch the video to remind you of how the Olympics have changed.




After, please read through the PowerPoint to find the comparisons between the Olympics. Then, you can use this information to complete your worksheet.

Mindfulness Activity - Optional


As it is extremely hot today, I would like you to take some time to relax. For our mindfulness activity today, I would like you to listen to this video and meditate.