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This week in maths, we will be learning a new subject. We will be learning how to do column multiplication. 


Yesterday, I introduced the method. However, we used simple numbers. Today we will be looking at more challenging numbers which includes carrying numbers over from different columns.


I have modelled this method for the children. Please watch my teaching video. 




Once you have watched the video, please have a go at the questions using the method.


1. 37 x 2

2. 25 x 5

3. 83 x 5

4. 66 x 4

5. 59 x 2

6. 47 x 5



1. There are 8 sausages in each packet. How many sausages are there in 34 packets?

2. The smallest snake was 42cm long. The largest snake was 8 times longer. How long was the largest snake?

3. 165 people visit a museum. They each pay £5 to enter. How much is taken in ticket sales altogether?  



For our English lesson today, we will be looking at setting descriptions to help prepare ourselves for the Big Write tomorrow.


Today, I would like you to read the extracts on the worksheet. Children have written these setting descriptions and we are going to identify ambition vocabulary and phrases that we could use in our own writing. Can you find and highlight; expanded noun phrases, exciting sentence openers, conjunctions, similes, punctuation and ambitious vocabulary?



For our EGPS lesson, we are going to be learning about phrases and clauses. Please follow the lesson on the Natural Curriculum.