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We have come to the end of our spelling lists. Below is a document containing all of the Y5/Y6 statutory spellings. 

Can you read and correctly spell all of these words?

Spend the week practising the words that you do not know. 




Your task is to use Scratch ( to create your own game or animation. Consider the skills you have learnt this half term – use of scoring, levels and costumes. You may explore the tutorials section of the Scratch website to help you if you need it.


This week, as we consider what we have learnt about What Jesus Would Do, we are going to consider what our personal values are. Please follow the PowerPoint below. 

Topic- The Olympics


On Friday 23rd July the Olympics will officially start in Tokyo, Japan. This week we are going to be completing some work on the Olympics including the history, the events, the countries taking part and the history of the medals.


Today we are going to start by learning about the history of Olympics. Where did it start? When did the first Olympics take place? What events took place?


Use the PowerPoint below to learn more about the history of the Olympics. Once you have worked through the PowerPoint I would like you to draw and complete a Venn diagram. In one part of the diagram you are going to write or draw information about the ancient Olympics and in the other section, modern Olympic events. Can you think of any information that might fit into the middle?