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English- Riddles

Thursday 11th November 2018


This week in English we have been learning about riddles. Today we have written some riddles for you to try at home.


Riddle 1

George Stephenson created me many years ago.

I am very long and I am used for many different things.

Sometimes I have steam coming from the top of me.

I can be lots of different colours.

I am very fast and I can take you to lots of different places quickly.

I run on tracks.

What am I?


Riddle 2

At the front I have a figurehead to scare off enemies.

I am made out of wood and I was made by hand.

Your journey would take a long time with me.

I have a red and white sail.

You would use me in the sea.

What am I?


We hope that you enjoyed our riddles.

Love Rufford