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St. Luke's C.E (Aided) Primary School Worship Group

Sign language!

During our Worship Leader meetings, we have been learning how to show the Lord's prayer using sign language. We have been building this up each week. We learn one line per week.

The worship leaders have been taking part in leading assemblies. They enjoyed acting out Noah's ark and practised their lines before hand. Well done to our worship leaders, you did a great job!

New worship leaders:

This year we have 2 new worship leaders from each year group. Take a look at the pictures below!

Worship leaders 2022-2023

Plans for the prayer garden!

The worship group leaders have came up with some fantastic additions for the prayer garden.  The children will be carefully planning what to add to the prayer garden and we can't wait to see what it will look like!

Prayer leaders in assemblies!

The prayer leaders have started to lead a prayer at the start of every assembly. The children enjoy listening to the prayer leaders and the school are very proud of them!

Updating the prayer garden!

The worship group children have been suggesting ideas for updating the prayer garden. The children suggested some great ideas and they will complete these as a group!

The first meeting!

At St Luke's we have a worship group. This consists of two children from each year group who are worship leaders. Yesterday, we had our first meeting where the children discussed what they would like to do as worship leaders within the school. They came up with some great ideas!