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Year 2

Week 1:

This week, we have started our learning on fractions. We began by learning about equal groups and splitting objects into a number of different equal groups. We learnt that we can't split an odd number into two equal groups! These numbers have to be even. We have then looked at recognising and finding both a half and a quarter and have been able to do this using both shapes and numbers. 

Week 2

We have been super busy in Maths this week! We have been finding half of a number, a quarter of a number and a third of a number as well as comparing the different fractions. We have learnt that a unit fraction always has '1' as the numerator (the top number of the fraction) and we used Smarties and Jelly beans to find fractions of amounts.

Week 3:

This week, we have continued to develop our understanding of fractions by finding three quarters of a number and also counting in fractions. We have also been regularly recapping our prior learning at the start of each lesson to ensure that we have a solid knowledge of different fractions and what this means in terms of shape and number. 


Week 4:

This week, we have moved on from fractions and starting learning about time! We used an analogue clock and were able to read and write the time. We discussed am and pm and the duration of events such as an hour, day, month and year. By the end of the week, we had learnt how to tell the time to five minutes! This is a super achievement and all of the children should be very proud of themselves.