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Today we are looking further into tenths in their decimal format. The video from yesterday covered this in some detail, but we are going to delve further into it so have a look at my teaching video and use it to help you answer the questions on the worksheet. The answers are attached as well so you can check how you got on smiley



Have a look at my teaching video where I discuss the features of a biography. Make sure you understand these features and then see if you can identify them all in the biography of Usain Bolt. Highlight and label each feature so I can see which one you think is which! 



This week's grammar focus is understanding different parts of speech. See if you can answer the questions about defining each feature and create some of your own examples. Then, try and identify each different type in the paragraph - the identifying parts of speech task. You could use different colours to underline or highlight examples of each feature - make sure you do a key though! 


This week's spellings are:


- goose

- geese

- deer

- sheep

- mouse

- mice

- loaf

- loaves

- hoof

- hooves 


Thank you and a big well done to the children who have been creating their own spelling tests each week. You have been doing so well! 



This lesson we are going to be learning about Sikhism and how Sikhs celebrate a birth. Have a look at the PowerPoint slides and see what you can find out! Then, complete either worksheet 2B or 2C depending how confident you feel.


Then, have a look at the examples of Sikh names - do you recognise anyone on there?!