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Thursday 14th January

Morning Work

Please find today's arithmetic questions and answers attached. Please view the PowerPoint in full screen or 'view slideshow' as the answers are animated to appear for the children to check their work when they have finished. 


In Maths today we are going to start looking at division. 

Today we will be using the bus stop method to divide. 

Please watch the screen recording on the PowerPoint before having a go at the questions. 

1. 255 ÷ 3             6. 360 ÷ 8                 11. 3,288 ÷ 6

2. 230 ÷ 5             7. 765 ÷ 9                12. 5,992 ÷ 7

3. 356 ÷ 4             8. 456 ÷ 8                13. 2,736 ÷ 6

4. 148 ÷ 2              9. 329 ÷ 7                14. 2,214 ÷ 9

5. 342 ÷ 6              10. 666 ÷ 9              15. 5,960 ÷ 8


For GPS today, I would like you to spend some time learning and practising your spellings. You can use the activities attached underneath this week's spellings to help you if you would like. 


For English today, I would like you to use the plan you created yesterday to write the middle section of the story - what happens to the archaeologist inside the pyramid? 

If you would like, you can look at the video again to help you and remember to go back to your plan and use the ideas.


On the word document attached is a short starter to help you get going. 

Think about including: 

 - 2 or 3 paragraphs organised sensibly

 - sentences using parenthesis

 - relative clauses

 - correct use of commas to help punctuate sentences

 - a range of different sentence starters.



For topic today, we are going to look at the pyramids in more detail. 

I would like you to follow these links to a video from BBC Bitesize (it is one short film split into shorter videos so you will need to watch them in order.)

This follows the experience of an Egyptian worker who helped build the pyramids, as well as giving you extra facts and information to help explain.


Once you have watched the video, I would like you to write a set of instructions to explain to someone how to build a pyramid. Image the person you are writing to is an Ancient Egyptian so you cannot use any modern tools or machines - you need to follow the methods you have just seen being used. 


Try to be as detailed as you can and remember to use a range of imperative (bossy) verbs.