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Today in Maths we are looking drawing lines of symmetry. What can you remember about symmetry so far? I would like you to watch the video and complete the activity


Today in Literacy, we are starting to learn about non-sense poetry. We are focusing on Edward Lear's poem today 'There was an old man'. What do non-sense poems include? Complete the activities on the powerpoint. You are then going to write your own non-sense poem similar to there was an old man. The verse needs to be four lines long. If you've got more than one idea, you could write two versions of the poem!


For PSHE, we are going to be looking at our family! Have a look at the link and watch the video You are then going to make a paper doll chain.


For EGPS, we are focusing on adding the suffix -ful and -less. What does a suffix mean? Can you remember the suffixes we have looked at previously? I would like you to watch the video I would then like you to complete the sheet.


Me hearties it’s time to find out about some famous pirates. All Aboard! Grab your Jolly Roger, grub, your Sea shanty and Gods speed (Check the pirate lingo if you need help decoding this). Today you will need to do some research on some famous pirates. This will help you with your training in becoming the best pirate roving the high seas. Here are some pirates you can research: - Anne Bonny - William Kidd - Blackbeard - Black Bart. I would  like you to choose one, and then draw and write some facts about him/her underneath.