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Clever Craft Competition

This competition is now closed. Thank you to all children who participated and to the family members who provided any help needed..


All winners will be notified.


The teachers and I have seen lots of impressive work and creative activities that children have undertaken since school closure. Here is another opportunity for you to showcase your skills!


Over the next four weeks you can enter our Clever Craft Competition and submit a photograph or picture of any craft work based upon the title of The World Around Us to gain a certificate and the chance to win a prize. This may be interpreted as the physical environment around you, what is important to you in the world, a reflection of some of the things that are happening around the world during this time or be about your home and family. You could bake, build, sew, model or paint - the list is endless!

Send your entries to by Friday 10th July.

What a fantastic entry from Creswell Class. Your four salt dough tiles show what lovely things you have been doing; going to the seaside, to the woods, spending time with your family and doing lots of dancing on ‘Just Dance’. Well done. 
Another brilliant entry from Welbeck Class. Your creation represents what is happening around the world at the moment very well. You have been very creative with your baking. Well done. 
Our first entry from Welbeck Class. You have been very busy using your artistic skills to create your picture of the Solar System using acrylic paints. Well done. 
We have another fantastic entry from Clumber Class. What an amazing baker you are, creating your swimming pool at home where you have had lots of fun in the nice weather. Well done. 
Another super entry from Creswell Class. You have created the Solar System brilliantly. Using buttons is very imaginative. Well done. 
What a brilliant entry from Creswell Class. You have thought very carefully about what is happening around us at the moment and displayed it so well in your creation, sending a very important message to everyone. Well done.
What a fantastic entry to the competition you have created. It looks like you have been very busy and included lots of details. We can see that you love the sea from what you have made. Well done. 
Wow! Mrs Dilks has been busy cooking lots of delicious food along side her daughter during lockdown. 

Just to get everyone started here's Mrs Green's creation of her garden. During lockdown she has spent a lot of time in her garden pottering about and cutting the grass, while being followed by her dog (who also likes to sunbathe on the grass).