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Work done at home during school closure from Rufford Class members

Work or photographs of learning taking place at home during the school closure period. Well done children and families!

Picture 1 A variety of excellent work
Picture 2 A home made instrument!
Picture 3 A shop!
Picture 1 doubling and halving maths work
Picture 2 A jelly fish fact file
Picture 3 A description of the BFG
Picture 1 A great clock and dream jar!
Picture 2 Wow, what an amazing robot!
Picture 3 A great story about a dragon!
Picture 1 What a peculiar giant!
Picture 2 Excellent maths work
Picture 3 Reading comprehension practise!
Picture 1 What a great robot!
Picture 2 Great baking!
Picture 3 Amazing work!
Picture 4 What a great shop!
Picture 5 Great maths work!
Picture 6 What a beautiful rainbow!
Picture 1 Some EXTRA maths work wow!
Picture 2 This is an amazing poster all about a hyena!
Picture 3 A great hotel for the BFG to stay in!
Picture 4 Independent column subtraction work!
Picture 5 A story about a pair of giant hands!
Picture 6 A great BFG wanted poster!
Picture 1 Wordsearch work
Picture 2 another great wordsearch!
Picture 3 great maths questions!
Picture 1 A great 2D shape house!
Picture 2 A fantastic meal for the BFG!
Picture 3 A great story about bubbles!
Picture 4 A great model!
Picture 5 A wonderful London bus model!
Picture 6 A fantastic map!
Picture 7 Some great maths work!
Picture 8 Some more wonderful Maths work!
Picture 9 A great fact file!
Picture 1 bfg hotel!
Picture 2 a lion poster!
Picture 3 some delicious cookies!
Picture 1 A great London bus!
Picture 2 A fun 3 times table song!
Picture 3 Amazing work!
Picture 1 Some good maths work!
Picture 2 Exploring!
Picture 3 A great chocolate bar design
Picture 1 A golden ticket!
Picture 2 A great picture of a chocolate factory!
Picture 3 Non-chronological report introduction!
Picture 1 Fantastic maths work!
Picture 2 Wow! Amazing dictionary skills!
Picture 3 A fantastic non-chronological report!
Picture 1 Some extra maths work!
Picture 2 3 times table work!
Picture 3 A great diary entry!
Picture 4 Wow an amazing description of Willy Wonka!
Picture 5 A great sunset beach island!
Picture 6 A map for an island!