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Work done at home during school closure from Rufford Class members

Work or photographs of learning taking place at home during the school closure period. Well done children and families!

A variety of excellent work
A home made instrument!
A shop!
doubling and halving maths work
A jelly fish fact file
A description of the BFG
A great clock and dream jar!
Wow, what an amazing robot!
A great story about a dragon!
What a peculiar giant!
Excellent maths work
Reading comprehension practise!
What a great robot!
Great baking!
Amazing work!
What a great shop!
Great maths work!
What a beautiful rainbow!
Some EXTRA maths work wow!
This is an amazing poster all about a hyena!
A great hotel for the BFG to stay in!
Independent column subtraction work!
A story about a pair of giant hands!
A great BFG wanted poster!
Wordsearch work
another great wordsearch!
great maths questions!
A great 2D shape house!
A fantastic meal for the BFG!
A great story about bubbles!
A great model!
A wonderful London bus model!
A fantastic map!
Some great maths work!
Some more wonderful Maths work!
A great fact file!
bfg hotel!
a lion poster!
some delicious cookies!
A great London bus!
A fun 3 times table song!
Amazing work!
Some good maths work!
A great chocolate bar design
A golden ticket!
A great picture of a chocolate factory!
Non-chronological report introduction!
Fantastic maths work!
Wow! Amazing dictionary skills!
A fantastic non-chronological report!
Some extra maths work!
3 times table work!
A great diary entry!
Wow an amazing description of Willy Wonka!
A great sunset beach island!
A map for an island!
All about Picasso!
information leaflet about guinea pigs
map of a zoo!
A menu for kings and queens!
Wow what an amazing castle!
A fact file about Edinburgh castle!
Some great maths work!
Fantastic wordsearch!
A great giraffe!
All about Windsor Castle!
Wow it's a guinea pig mask!
An amazing castle!
Great 3d animals!
A golden ticket!
Some great maths work!
A lego zoo!
Some more maths work
A good wordsearch!
Spelling sentences!
Squiggly spellings!
Backwards and forwards spellings!
Fancy spellings!
Neatest spellings!
A wonderful circus leaflet!
This is an incredible castle!
Some great maths mosaic work!
Some more great maths work!
Protecting the earth poster!
Great maths sheet
A Disney poster!
A pretty dumbo drawing!
Wow it's Forky!
Is this the real Forky???
A circus poster!
A description of a circus act!
A great diary entry!
A fantastic 3d model using lego!
A circus hat!
Yummy cupcakes!
making cupcakes!
A great circus story!
A wonderful plane
Wow it's the solar system!
A great air fighter plane!
Wow a circus big top!
A wonderful poem!
A kenning, can you guess what animal it is?
A dalmatian mask!
A story about Forky!
A wonderful Disney poster!
A wanted poster, can you find this character??
Woah, it's Lightning Mcqueen!
Great car!
A leaflet all about Disney World!
A journey to Disney World!
Wow, amazing finger puppets!
Biscuit making!
A great WANTED poster!
It's Forky!
An Olaf bookmark!
Some great spelling work!
More great spelling work!
All about Uranus!
It's a new planet!
A passport to space!
A great front cover to the passport!
A postcard from an alien!