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What did we learn on our visit to The Butterfly House?

Today, 19th September, the Sunshine Suite visited the Butterfly House in North Anston. The children have already found out many interesting facts about caterpillars and butterflies at school, but today we were able to learn even more and all enjoyed a great day out together. Have a look below to see what some of the children had to say about their learning.


Callum said, "I found out how to tell how old a tree is when it is cut down." There was then no stopping Callum using the rings on the tree stumps to estimate the age of the trees. Look out for him in the eco garden tomorrow.


"Meerkats like to guard their area. They eat fruit and vegetables," said Josh. We were all fascinated with watching the meerkats on guard and were impressed with the way they seemed to look after each other.


Kasia said, "there are lots of different types of butterflies." Mrs Dunn was disappointed that she didn't get any photographs of the gigantic bright blue butterfly.


Katie informed us that, "butterflies suck nectar from flowers." Karol had remembered this also and told us that butterflies were similar to bees because of this, when we visited the beehive.


"Storks stand on one leg and go to sleep," Rhys said. The children attempted to stand on one leg like the storks but did not manage to do this for very long!


Mrs Bellamy and Mrs Dunn are really proud of all of the children and were both pleased to see them so interested in their learning and also with the way that they looked after each other throughout the day. Well done children! A big thank you to Mrs Bellamy, from Mrs Dunn and all of the children, for organising this superb learning opportunity.