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Please take some time today to have a think back through what we have learnt since returning from half term. If you need to, have another look at some of the teaching videos to remind yourself of specific topics and ensure you have a good understanding. 


Once you have done this, I would like you to take the rest of the day off. Have some time thinking about your own wellbeing - how are you feeling about the return to school? Are there any worries you have that you could discuss with a grown up? Or are you just feeling excited to see your friends again? We have been through a really strange time and we all deal with things in our own ways. You may feel differently to someone else in the class, but that is completely fine.


Take some time today completing some activities you enjoy - perhaps see if you can spend the rest of the day away from a screen so you can really focus on your own mind. Try some mindfulness activities, enjoy time with family or complete some exercise. These are just some ideas about how you can spend the day.


Most importantly, rest and recharge ready for our return on Monday. I am so excited to see you all and I am equally as proud of how well you have risen to this new challenge and still managed to carry out the work with beautiful smiles on your faces!