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History Day

On Friday 3rd March we took part in our schools History Day. In Clumber Class we had the Victorian period of time to study. We used a timeline to understand when the Victorian period was and how long ago it was. We were able to use our knowledge of previous topics Travel and Transport and Toys to make a mind map of what we already knew about the topic.


On the day, we learnt about the differences between poor and rich children growing up in Victorian times. We learnt that for a poor children they would have to work to make money for their family and that their working conditions were very dangerous. Some poor children would go to school but their school normally took place in the front room of a teachers house. For rich children we learnt that they were very lucky with food and toys. They had a good education and a lovely house with a nanny and nursery. However, we learnt that rich children had to call their father 'Sir' and they only saw their parents for a short time during the day.


We then learnt about what it was like to go to school during the Victorian times. We looked at pictures of Victorian buildings and classrooms and we compared them to our classroom. We learnt about the school rules that children had to follow including: do not ask questions and stand whenever an adult enters the room. We then learnt about the punishments for a child who did not follow the rules.


Finally, we had an art afternoon where we looked carefully at a picture of Queen Victoria and we practised sketching her. We then had some of our class who presented what they had learnt to the whole school.