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Starter: Here are today's arithmetic questions. 

Yesterday, we looked at adding fractions involving mixed numbers. 

Today we are going to look at subtracting fractions using mixed numbers. 

Please follow the video lesson then have a go at the worksheet.


Listen to chapter 6: Escape


Imagine you are one of the rangers protecting the Elephant herds. Write a letter to the Government to ask for help in stopping the poachers. Remember, it is already illegal to hunt the elephants. 

You might include: 

 - What is happening on the reserves

 - Why you cannot control the problem alone

 - What you need to help, more people? money? fencing? anything else.

 - Why it is important that you receive this help. 


Now listen to chapter 7: Rhino charge


How do you think Akimbo felt after his experience with the Rhino? 

Why was he unable to move during those few seconds when the Rhino charged? 

How do you think Akimbo's father was feeling when he heard the story? 

In what ways does Akimbo show his bravery in this chapter? 

Explain why tracking skills are so important on the African savannah. 


Today we are continuing our learning on subordinating conjunctions. 

Please follow the link to the lesson before completing the tasks.

Topic - History

We are going to look at different areas of African history. 

We will be starting with the Kingdom of Benin (located in modern day Nigeria).

Follow the lesson Presentation and have a go at the tasks. 

Topic - Art

Today we are going to look at the patterns in African Art.