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Rule: Statutory spelling challenge words













Write each word into a sentence



Today, I would like you to follow the link below to access work on how to tense consistency . You will also be learning about the meerkat. Remember to watch the video before completing the tabs marked the grammar bit and whiteboard challenges. If you would like to challenge yourself further you can continue with the writing ideas. I am looking forward to seeing the work that you produce.



Starter: Complete the times tables test. Remember you have 5 minutes to try and complete as many questions as you can. 

Main: Today we are going to be learning about parallel and perpendicular lines.

- What are the differences?

- Can you identify parallel lines in a shape?

- Can you identify perpendicular lines in a shape?


Work through the PowerPoint below and listen carefully to audio clips. 



Listen to chapter 19:


Write down five emotions that Jim will be feeling at this moment and your reasons for this. 


- What is the little voice that we keep hearing? Who is it? Why do you think this is happening?


Listen to chapter 20:


Jim has found himself at the circus. Remember in the previous chapters Jim said that he didn't know what a circus was.

- What do you think Jim is thinking as he walks towards the circus?


Think about your own experiences of circuses whether that is on the TV, from a book or from a time you visited. 

- How did it make you feel?


Jim has been outside by himself all night. He doesn't know where he is going to live or where he is going to get food from. It must be a very scary time for him. Jim might see the circus as a chance for him to escape.

- Do you think it would be a good idea for Jim to go with the circus?


Activity- Jim has never seen a circus before so it must have been overwhelming but also interesting for him. Describe the circus that Jim will have seen. Think about:

- The sights- What did he see? What colours were they? What are the differences between the circus horses and other horses he has seen?

- The smell- What could he smell? Was it delicious treats? Horses?

- The people- What are they like? What are they wearing?

- How is the circus making Jim feel?



Today we are going to be learning about Victorian toys.

- Do you think rich and poor children played with similar toys?

- Which toys do you think were played with during the Victorian era?

- Do you think toys have changed since the Victorian era? Why do you think this?


Watch the video clip of Victorian toys:



Then work through the PowerPoint. 


Activity- Design a toy that you think would have been popular during the Victorian era and write about why you think this. Think carefully about the materials that the toys were made of and the amount of money people had (so no games consoles please).

Mental Health Week


Today we are going to be thinking about our wellbeing. 

- How can we keep ourselves healthy and happy?

- How can we keep those around us happy and healthy?


By talking to people and sharing our worries and concerns it can help us feel better. If others are feeling worried, our actions towards them can help. For example if we know someone is feeling worried or overwhelmed we can make kind gestures towards them that will help.