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Summer Reading Challenge

Don't forget to share your 'Summer Reading Challenge' activities with us.  Either send them into the office or bring them with you when you return to school.

‘Summer Reading Challenge’!


Mrs Green and Mrs Dilks will be  giving you some ideas and activities for the summer.


But first, can you think of a joke that will make them laugh.  Send your joke to  We will share these on the website.


Don't forget to send in your jokes.  Look further down the page for some jokes sent in by members of the staff.


Mrs Green has a great joke! - What did one wall say to the other? Meet you at the corner!


Mrs Dilks thinks her joke will make you laugh! – What did the traffic light say to the car?  Don’t look, I'm about to change!

During the summer holidays join in the fun with ‘Summer Reading Challenge’ and become part of the ‘Silly Squad’.

Take a look at the website for lots of ideas of activities and challenges you could take part in.  The website will be frequently updated so you can keep returning for new activities.

There are suggestions on the website as to what to read by using the book generator. The ‘Silly Squad’ book collection has been put together especially for children.  It may be difficult to get a new book now, so there are lots of ideas as to what you could do.  Perhaps you could listen to a story instead with an audio book or read a favourite book you already have. You could also visit the library (it is now open) or become an online member to access their eReading resources (books, magazines and audio).  This is all free!

In the ‘Bringing books to life’ section of the website, several celebrities have chosen a book to read to you too and there are also activities with book illustrators.

You could also join the ‘Silly Squad’ and watch special video messages from children’s authors. There are lots of your favourite authors.    

Mrs Green and Mrs Dilks will be adding different activities and suggestions during the final week at school that you could take part in over the summer.  So, keep watching this page.

Don’t forget you can also access the books for the online reading ‘Bug Club’.

Pop-up Book Technique 

I have had a go at making the pop-up book activity from the ‘Summer Reading Challenge’. It says to use card but don’t worry if you haven’t got any, I used paper and it turned it well. Give it a go, I’m sure you will enjoy making it, I know I have. 

You can create any scene you want to. From wizards and dragons, animals in the zoo, being in space or even riding your bike through the jungle. Be as imaginative as you like! I’m sure you will make some amazing pop-up books. 


Fantastic Football Activities

For all you football fans there are some fun football based activity sheets to do. I have done a couple just to show you. 

There is a series of books called ‘Football Superstars’, which are all about some of the worlds best footballers. 

You will enjoy the inspirational stories, jokes and cartoons inside these books. Just add them to your reading list and you’re off! 



What is inside your treasure chest? Who is knocking at your door? What will you see when you open your book cover? It is easy to make and even easier to operate, a flap is an easy way of hiding something. All you have to do is lift the flap to reveal what is hiding under it. 


The list of things you can do is endless! You might want to create a picture of a house with a flap window that’s hiding something special. Maybe a stage with a fancy curtain hiding all the performers of a show. Your picture may be a magician with a magic hat that is the flap, hiding something magical. Or maybe a dragon breathing fire and the fire is the flap. I wonder what could be behind that one? The choice is yours, let your imagination run wild with fabulous ideas.


My theme is a pirates with a hidden chest buried in the ocean under a desert island. I think you will easily guess what is inside!


Mrs Green




I have reviewed a couple of books from the ‘Summer Reading Challenge’ that you can join over the summer holidays. Hope this gives you a little inspiration to take a look and read some super exciting books.




Izzy is really pleased to have been put in charge of the new girl at school. Matilde is French, and Izzy and her friends can't wait to show her their den and its moth, and to help her avoid school dinners (also known as poison). But Matilde LOVES school dinners and even has seconds! And that's when they know. Matilde is a spy and she has come to find out their secrets. They must stop her before it's TOO LATE!!!

Who is Matilde? Is she the dreaded school inspector in disguise? Who do you think she is? Why does she love school dinners so much? What is Matilde hiding? Or is it that she just loves school dinners and is just the new girl at school!

This book is aimed towards children from the age of 7 upwards. It has a 5-star rating and I agree. It will make you laugh-out-loud and leave you wanting to read more. You won’t want to put it down. It's a funny and adventurous story and the characters are hilarious. You will wish you were a spy after reading this fantastic book.

Imagine if you could grow dragons ... in your very own garden! Well that’s exactly what Tomas does and no one is more surprised than he is! 

He takes the funny looking fruit from a strange old tree in his Grandad’s garden into the house and is shocked and thrilled when a tiny dragon hatches out. It appears the tree is a dragon fruit tree so Tomas now has a dragon of his own, who he calls Flicker. He has to quickly learn how to look after Flicker. Then the most amazing thing happens…..more dragon fruits appear on the tree. Thomas is actually growing dragons.

Read this book to find out how much fun it is to have your very own dragon, but also very unpredictable when they are setting your toothbrush on fire and causing all sorts of problems.

This book is funny, heart-warming, inspiring, creative and quite disgusting (while you are laughing at the same time). It will leave you wanting your very own dragon and wanting to give all of your friends their very own dragon too. The relationship between Tomas and Flicker has it’s ups and downs and will have you giggling. It has a 5-star rating which I think is perfect as it’s an easy book to read with a fantastic fictional story. 

I wonder how you would care for your dragon if you had one? What weird and wonderful antics would be going on?

Here are some more books you may want to read.  Let Mrs Green or Mrs Dilks know if you tried them over the summer holidays.




I was intrigued by the title!

Would I really do this to either of my daughters?  Would my parents have ever done this to me?

I had to find out more.

All the reviews said that it was a really good read.  And it got a 5/5!  Suitable for anyone over the age of seven. 

It follows the story of Tom who has his birthday cancelled.  You can read about Tom in his hilarious adventures in planning his own birthday. What could happen?

How would you feel if you had to plan your own party?  I wonder what you would choose to eat and do? 

Let me know.


I love Show and Tell sessions in school, getting to see and hear all that you have either done or seen.

This book is great for anyone over four years old and has lots of pictures.  So, it is good if you want to read it on your own or if you like to have a story read to you.

The children in class 2L all love Show and Tell, I am sure that you do too.  But I wonder if any of you would think to take in the unusual things that they have…an alien, a parrot, Grandad’s false teeth!

Who will win the prize from the teacher?

What makes a hero super?

Would you like the power to fly, to take off from your chair anytime you wanted?

What about using your strength to support a wobbly bridge just before a train arrives?

Maybe you could use your powers to transform yourself into a tiger or a butterfly.

Or perhaps you would use your special abilities to make a friend smile or to climb a tree to rescue the cat?

Even if you don’t have superhero powers, we are all capable of extraordinary things, whether it’s an amazing act of kindness, determination to complete a task or a brilliant catch during a ball game. Characters in stories often face challenges and find extraordinary ways to overcome a difficult situation.

If you were a superhero what special powers would you have?

Would you choose to fly, crawl up walls, time travel or fire laser beams from your hands? Would you like to move objects with mind control, grow giant size or shrink as small as an ant or shape shift into any animal form? And could you be super resourceful to always manage a tricky situation?

What kind of superhero costume and accessories would you have?

Would you wear a mask, a cape that would make you invisible, an iron suit to protect you, a gadget belt, rocket blaster boots, or a chameleon coat with a special pattern so that you could blend in anywhere?

Can you come up with your own?

Have a look at the ideas on the Summer Reading Challenge website for some superhero activities.

I made a flying superhero and my superhero changing into costume.  Can you spot the superdog?

The ‘Book Generator’ suggested I read Dog Man by Dav Pilkey for a funny read where the character transforms and has lots of adventures.

Send a picture of your Superhero to, and we will put this in the gallery section of the website.  You do not have to do this straight away you can send this to us in September when we return to school.

Mrs Dilks


Another update today, with some more activities to try.

In Kevin’s Great Escape you meet a roly-poly flying pony and his best friend Max.  It is a Silly Squad recommended read.

There are lots of activities to try inspired by the Legend of Kevin.  I had a go at the step-by-step guide on how to draw Max.


Put your solving skills to the test with a Silly Squad number sudoku.  I have completed the first three boxes.  Can you complete the rest?

Who likes the Gruffalo?

Follow this link as Axel Scheffler shows you how to draw your very own Gruffalo.  I had a go.

Perhaps you could now have a go at creating your own talking creature.  The Gruffalo had purple prickles, a poisonous wart and knobbly knees.  What kind of body does your creature have?

Viviane Schwarz shows you some easy ideas for making a character.  From a doodle to a character. Give her ideas a go by following this link

These are my characters.  I have a bird, a happy person, a grumpy person and, I think, a goat. 

The staff have been sending in their jokes to make you laugh!


Miss Halpin has a good joke for us all! - What do you call a boomerang that won't come back?  A stick!


Miss Earle's joke will make you laugh! - Why do fish live in salt water?  Because pepper makes them sneeze!

Miss Denyer thinks you’ll like her joke! - Why are seagulls called seagulls?  Because if they flew over the bay, they would be bagels! 
Miss Marsh has a funny joke for you! - What do you call a sick lemon?  Lemon aid! 
Miss Tomlinson has a joke to make you laugh! - Why did the student eat his homework?  Because the teacher told him it was a piece of cake! 
Mr Bailey’s joke will make you giggle! - What do elves learn in school?  The elf-abet! 
Mrs Spencer has a favourite joke to make you laugh! - What do you call a sheep with no legs?  A cloud! 

Mr Bell thinks his joke is funny! - What do you call and alligator in a vest?  An investigator! 

Miss Hunter has a good joke! - Why do bees have sticky hair?  Because they use honey combs! 

Mrs Cushing has a brilliant joke - Where do library books like to sleep?  Under their covers! 

Here’s a super joke from a member of Creswell Class! - What do cats like to eat for breakfast?  Mice Krispies! 

Where do you like to read?

Mrs Dilks likes to read before she goes to sleep, but in the Summer, she loves to read in her garden.  Mrs Green likes to do the same, but she also enjoys turning off her television in the evening and reading in her conservatory.

I wonder what the most unusual place would be to read a book.  Did Major Tim Peake read when he was in space?  Did Sir Mo Farah read when he was training for the marathon? Does the Queen read when she is in her carriage?

What is the most unusual place you have read?  On a horse? In a tent?  In your paddling pool?

Mrs Green and I would like you to take a photo of yourselves reading in an unusual place or in a funny way.  You can send these to the and we will put them on the gallery page of the website, or print off your picture and bring it with you when you come back to school in September.

We wonder what the most unusual place to read will be.  Perhaps the staff will join in the fun too!

Mrs Green and Mrs Dilks




Yes the staff did join the fun!

They have been seen reading in funny places. Have a look at these pictures to see where.


Poor Mr Bell got very wet reading in the garden

Poor Mr Bell got very wet when he was reading in the garden.


Miss Denyer decided to sit in Ronnie's bed.

Miss Denyer was caught reading in Ronnie’s bed.


Miss Phillipson decided to have a quick read when she was in the supermarket.

Miss Phillipson decided to have a quick read in the supermarket.


Mrs Dilks tried to read when she was doing yoga.


Mrs Dilks attempted to read 'Elmer' when she was doing some yoga.



Miss Earle and Miss Halpin enjoying reading while relaxing in the boot of their cars. 
Mrs Green thought it would be a good idea to read her book while doing a headstand. Although don’t do this with out adult supervision! 

Our final idea for you to try is from Joseph Coelho, inspiring you to write poetry.


Mrs Dilks had a look at the limerick section.  Writing your own limerick is easy, you just need a character.  Here are Mrs Dilks ideas.




An adventurous cat called Millie.

Wanted to do something rather silly.

Into the bin she jumped.

Where the leftovers had been dumped.

On her head when she lifted it was a sausage!




A lazy cat called Posie.

Decided her bed should be cosy.

With a flick of her paws,

to a round of applause.

She bowed and then settled to snore!



Archie, a mischievous dog.

Disturbed a sleeping hedgehog.

With a tap of the ball,

loving to play, after all.

He got a shock when the ball walked away!




Archie is a curious dog.

Yesterday, he encountered a frog.

I don’t know who jumped more,

but the frog it did soar.

Straight back into the pond with a PLOP!





Mrs Green had a go at a form of poetry called an abercedarius (or an alphabet poem). A poem where you work through the alphabet from A to Z to create a 26-line poem. She finished each line with ‘it’ to create a repetitive rhyme and expectation as you read. 


The History of a Chocolate Brownie


           A always looking at it
           B brain can’t stop thinking about it
           C chocolate brownie, just want it
           D dived into it
           E enjoyed eating it
           F full, can’t eat any more of it 
           G greedy as can be with it
           H hungry for it
           I I really must have it
          J just want more of it
          K kindness would be to finish it
          L love it
          M maybe I should leave it
          N never, I’m having it
          O only me looking at it
          P probably should leave it
          Q quivering as I look at it
          R really can’t bare it
          S should I just take it
          T time to devour it
         U under the table with it
         V valuable crumbs from it
         W what will become of it
         X x-ray vision, to look inside it
         Y yearning for it
         Z zap, I’ve finished it