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Singer Songwriters

Tim Hutton came to our class today and ran a great singer song writer workshop. Tim has performed with bands such as the Prodigy and The Stone Roses (unfortunately the children hadn't heard of them - poor Tim).


Tim wrote a song just for our school, and the children had to rewrite the lyrics to match a theme of their choice. We had a wide range of themes, from the seaside to Christmas!


Finally the children added percussion to the background of their musical compositions.


Tim helped the children perform their songs for the whole school at the end of the day. We were all really impressed with his singing ability as he managed to sing lots of different songs for us.


Well done children, and thank you Tim!


I'd also like to add a thank you to the children from St. John's and St Augustine's who came to join us for the day. Your schools should be proud of the way you behaved.