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Literacy - Chocolate Cake

We listened to Michael Rosen's poem "Chocolate Cake". Our challenge was to write our own poem about a chocolate cake, being as descriptive as possible.


To help us we had some cake to eat! (Three children don't like chocolate cake so had plain sponge with frosting.)

Here are some of our poems written in free verse:


My cake is the grandest of them all,
Topped with moonlight in addition to crunchy rainbow sprinkles.
The golden crumbly sponge is a river of sweet vanilla.
The formidable taste is always pulling you in for more.
My cake's smell, dwelling in the atmosphere, you can't resist!
I would eat it before you're too late.
Too late!


The soft crumbly centre,
The non-edible wrapper,
How lovely is it?


My brain is telling me...
Eat it, Eat it,
Though part of me saves it.
Oh, the choices.
The small crumbly crater
The tall solid colourful hat.


Om nom,
A tiny bit,
Oh the experience,
My last cake was epic,
Now let's relive the cake!


Smooth, lovely,
Chew, chew, extravagant.
That was nice.

My chocolate cake big and brown,
My chocolate cake topped with sprinkles all around.
My chocolate cake waiting to be eaten,
My chocolate cake with one piece left. Mmmmmh.
My chocolate cake with just a plate.
My chocolate cake rest in peace.


My nice fat chocolate cake smothered in toppings.
The colours of it are black, like a black sky.
It was good enough, too pretty to eat,
But chomp, ooow, it's nice. Bang, it's gone!


Chocolate Cake
It has got gooey icing layered down on the top.
It smells like a waterfall of melted chocolate,
As dark as a pitch black shadow.
Fluffier that a cloud made of candyfloss.
It looks too lovely to eat with all the sprinkles on.
But my mouth is watering like a river running quickly down a big hole.
Never mind. I'm not hungry.