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This lesson we are going to consolidate our learning on addition and subtraction by completing some word problems. This means the question is written in words and you have to decode the question to work out what calculation it is asking you to do. Think about the language you might find in an addition question - perhaps total/sum of/altogether? Then think about the language surrounding subtraction - difference/fewer/more? 


Have a go at the attached questions and let me know how you get on via the class email -


Today in GPS we are focusing on another area of grammar - pronouns. What is a pronoun? Can you think of reasons why they are used in writing? 


Have a look at the link below and see if you can then write a list of pronouns. Then, can you use them within sentences? Highlight the pronouns you have used. You could even try to add in prepositions from yesterday's learning too! 


In ICT today we are learning how data is stored. Watch the video below to find out more. Then, think about how if everything is stored online, what does that mean for privacy? Think about the impact of posting online for future jobs – can you think of any famous examples of tweets resurfacing years later? 


Use the computer to produce a poster of everything you have found out about data storage - you can use Publisher, Word or PowerPoint! 


Have a look at the aboriginal music below. What do you think about it? What instruments can you identify? Share your opinions on the piece of music with a grown up and discuss the tempo of the beat. Then, see if you can create your own piece of aboriginal music - if you play an instrument or have one at home you could use this to help you. If not, try and make music from a range of household items instead! It would be great if you could video your piece and send it to me smiley