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Year 1

In our first Science session, we have been looking at how our bodies feel after exercise. We discussed lots of different types of exercise that we can do and even the type of exercise that we do every day without even thinking about it! We discussed all the different exercise the children do including swimming lessons, football training and gymnastics. We talked about how our bodies felt before exercise and then had a go at jumping for 1 minute. Then, we talked about what we felt like after exercise. A lot of children talked about feeling thirsty, tired and hungry. We wrote down our answers in books and the children really enjoyed this session!

We continued to develop our knowledge of how our body feels after exercise. We had an in depth discussion about how exercise can affect people differently and how we normally feel extremely thirsty and hungry and discussed why. The focus of this session was to encourage children to use secondary resources, such as laptops and books, to research and retrieve information from a text about how the body feels after exercise.